No More Paper Piles – Ever!

 February 23, 2014
Posted by jenn

declutter paperThis weekend has been glorious! Our doors and windows are wide open bringing in all the fresh clean air. To make room for all things fresh I can’t help but purge any stale, space taking clutter. Today, I’m concentrating specifically on PAPER. I’m getting rid of and inviting less paper!

Here’s my plan in 5 simple steps:

1. A spot to collect important papers for filing:
Whether they’re insurance policies, medical reports, or bank statements, they’ll go in a designated spot (next to our recycling bin where we open our mail). I’ll build a schedule with a regular time weekly or monthly to file these papers. The tricky part will be sticking with my new rigid schedule. But I’m motivated to remain pile free and feel confident.

2. A place for paper memorabilia:
chicken wire board
I love birthday cards, recipes, thank yous, inspirations and idea cards. I often put them in a pile for later… for what later? With my new inspiration board and bin for older or less precious or post-able items. The cards will go up or be placed in the bin immediately. Again, fewer touches and not a single pile! And who knows, by the time the bin is full and you go back through it, you may find you no longer have sentimental attachment to some of the items. In the meantime, your paper memorabilia has a proper place to live and isn’t cluttering up your home. I like both of these ideas…how about you?

3. Opening the mail: mail sorter
No longer will I open my mail at a table or counter and build a pile. Going forward I vow to open my mail in my mail center near my recycle bin, shredder, paper memorabilia bin and important paper file.

The junk goes directly in recycling and so do the envelopes. No more middle step, no more pile. Next I file in a nearby box or take care of the communication right away and shred if needed. Touch as few times as possible!

4. Magazine subscriptions:
I having a come to jesus meeting with myself to decide which of the magazine subscriptions I’m receiving are being read or… do I just like the idea of them. And of those I keep, because I do get fantastic ideas and inspirations am I actually going back to? So, in my process I will plan to eliminate subscriptions which aren’t “working” for me. And, this one’s a biggie, I’m going to tear out my inspirations and pin them to my board and get rid of the magazine. I know our library loves receiving magazines to share and so do senior centers, homeless shelters, and art centers (for magazine collages!).

5. Automate:
I’m already pretty good at this, but I’ll consider where else I can go digital and sign up for paperless billing. This way, paper doesn’t even come through my door and have an opportunity to pile up!

Makes me just want to go right out and hug a tree!treehugger

Enjoy the rest of your weekend!