Keeping the Sweet 16 – Sweet!

 March 27, 2014
Posted by jenn

There really is no end to what we will help you organize! This time, it’s your brackets!

You may have noticed it’s March Madness and at least 1 out of every few is College Basketball Crazy.  To help you keep up to date we’re now entering the sweet 16.  Whether you, your coworkers, friends, neighbors, UPS man are entrenched it’s going fast and furiously. If you find you’re having trouble keeping up with the games or the conversation and missing the upsets or crazy endings we have a solution for you.  Well, 5 actually.

Here are 5 Mobile apps to choose from to keep (or get) you in the game : )

1. March Madness Live (iOS, Android, Kindle)ncaa march madness app

NCAA March Madness Live allows you to stream every game on your phone or tablet, providing live updates of information from every game of the tournament and giving you a literal second screen to watch the games on. If you do happen to miss the end of a particularly good game for whatever reason, you can back track and check out the highlights so you won’t miss those water cooler moments that these games generate.
CBS Sports (iOS, Android, Kindle)

2. Thuuz Sportsthuuz-sports

Games are happening! Thuuz is the app you want to make sure you’re not missing out on any of those matches. Using an algorithm that scores games on watchability, Thuuz will give you a heads up when a game gets interesting. It makes sure that if there’s a game worth watching, you find out about it as it’s happening.
TuneIn Pro (iOS, Android, Kindle)

TuneIn Radio Pro:tunein-radio-pro

Catch all of the action with TuneIn Pro. Check out the radio broadcasts of the games and listen to some of the best play-by-play announcers talk you through the action even though you can’t watch it happen.
ESPN Tournament Challenge (iOS, Android, Kindle)


As in, Are You Watching This.  Keeps you updated on scores from around the tournament and gives you a heads up when one is getting good, and allows you to switch on the game with just a swipe if you have DirectTV, Google TV, or TiVo. It also goes from your phone to the TV. So convenient.
FanCake (iOS, Android)



As much as we’d love to believe that every game is going to be a good one, it’s pretty inevitable that some will turn into blowouts. But don’t fool yourself and pretend like you aren’t going to watch anyway. You should be rewarded for your dedication to sit through even the ugliest of games. FanCake keeps you engaged in every game by allowing you to play along in real time with live challenges and predictions. Rack up enough points in the app and you can turn your hours in front of the television into real life gear or tickets to see your favorite teams. Or at least someone’s favorite..

digitaltrends shared these sweet apps with us.  Thnx

Enjoy the Madness!