A Better Bathroom

 April 9, 2014
Posted by jenn

Let’s face it, you can’t avoid the bathroom forever. So whether your goal is to spend less time in the bathroom or better enjoy the time you’re there, we have 4 creative bathroom organization ideas to freshen your experience.

1. Shelve it over-the-door and take advantage of unused space for seldom-used items or decorative pieces:
over the door shelf

2. Remember, baskets are your friend and PotteryBarn your playground. Hang baskets from towel racks or attach them directly to the wall for attractive and functional storage.

3. Get pretty under the sink and feel prettier while you’re making yourself look pretty.
under the sink 2

under the sink

4. Big finish! If space allows, incorporate a furniture piece for big storage and style.

bathroom dresser

It’s your duty to make your bathroom pretty =)