A Greater Divide – Doors That Do it Beautifully

 April 10, 2014
Posted by jenn

Do everyone’s spring resolutions involve remodels?! And not just kitchens and bathrooms. We’re also getting creative with our living space.

Clients are asking our designers to help “create” more living space. If you’re familiar with the lovely apartments, condos, town homes and early 20th century architecture both popular and necessary, given the limited land in San Francisco and it’s most lovely northern and southern peninsula suburbs you know the tight corners we’re referring to.

Barn door style flat track/hanger systems have been used for a variety of applications since the time these homes were built but the styles of them and our hanging doors never crossed a designer’s mind. In fact our doors rarely made it out of the barn.barn door hardware

Today, in both commercial and residential applications, this track system is commonly used for closing off rooms such as libraries, studies, dining rooms, offices and stylish bathroom entries. Also used in its traditional application as barn door hardware to put the finishing touch on restored barns, cabins and other rustic settings.Check out hanging door hardware here.

Hung on barn tracking, the sliding-glass door becomes a decorative element on the wall when open. When closed, it offers privacy from the adjoining room while still allowing light to stream in. And, because barn-track doors don’t swing open like a regular door, they’re also great space-savers.

Check out some of our favorite hanging door designs:Barn_door_kits_Knoxville_Tennessee__25908.1362764930.1280.1280 barn-door-kit-and-sliding-hardware-J10424-1-sm glassandsteel sliding

Pretty huh, y’all!