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    Just in case you need a few additional deductions, check these out.

    Efile Online with TurboTax
    Hmmm, but what if my cat, who I moved from New Jersey, quit smoking and is recovering from her plastic survey in our pool? Bonanza!!
    Good luck on this last week of filing… and many large and happy returns!

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    This weekend has been glorious! Our doors and windows are wide open bringing in all the fresh clean air. To make room for all things fresh I can’t help but purge any stale, space taking clutter. Today, I’m concentrating specifically on PAPER. I’m getting rid of and inviting less paper!
    Here’s my plan in 5 simple st […]

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    You may have noticed, we at Off Your Plate are slightly obsessed with helping you keep things organized, orderly and looking great!
    Through  our experience working with clients, most especially in SF, Palo Alto, Marin, to name a few, who live in homes built 70, 80 and more years ago there are very definite storage challenges.  Those hom […]